Monday, March 12, 2007

Hangin' at the Hostel...and some other random stuff

Buenos Aires Round 1: Saturday Night BBQ

Here are some pics from my Saturday night at the Alma Petit Hostel in Palermo, Buenos Aires.

Here's me pretending to man the "asada" (barbaque). We ate at 1:30 am that night. After finishing a full bbq meal at 2am some of the more enterprising folks went out to the disco (the bars here don't get hoppin' until 3am and the clubs closer to 4am)--but being old and boring, I passed out.

This is Alejandra and Fernanda, "muy bonitas" Chilean twins staying at the hostel:

Other Random Pics

This is Susie a wonderful Australian I met by asking her for directions to the restuarant I was basically standing in front of.

I guess this is some Argentinians' idea of genuine American pizza. Those from NY will of course know why this is funny.

Finally, this is actually pretty cool. I bought a zip-up in a bar the other day. That's right, during the day on the weekends a bunch of the bars become clothing markets--but the bar still stays open. Here are some pics.

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