Tuesday, August 14, 2007

La Fortuna

After a full day in Monteverde, I booked a combo trip the next day--a bus and boat ride to the city of La Fortuna; a hike and view of Volcan Arena (an active volcano); and a few hours at the local hot springs.

The Journey

Here are a couple of shots taken during the bus and boat ride:


The town of La Fortuna is beautifully situated beneath the volcano. Here are some shots of Volcan Arena during the day and at night.

Hot Springs

After viewing the volcano at night we were dropped off at a beautiful resort featuring natural hot springs. The water varied from cold to scalding hot; and there were a few cool bars in the pools that served pina coladas out of pineapple skins. If you fall off your barstool here, no big deal...

A highlight of this day's adventure was meeting a great crew of women from the Peace Corps who were just starting their two years in Costa Rica.

Alexia and I are still in touch. I call her "mi mexicana linda pero republicana." She's actually from Texas, but she has Mexican heritage and speaks fluent Spanish. And, yes, she's a Republican AND in the Peace Corps. I'm working on that first part...

Here's our whole crew outside the resort:


david said...

I took that picture on the way to La Fortuna.... haha your blog is great after months I finally found the paper with your email and blog address. I hope everything is going well(don't know if you are still traveling). I'm in Tampa and will go to Philadelphia next week(also have the info on Pandora's box and the wings place you recommended).

Garrett said...

Awesome. I will have to come back to read through the whole blog. What a great adventure!

I am going to Costa Rica in February, looking very forward to it...