Monday, July 4, 2016

Day 1: The road to Kamp Kaiser (Chez Bowser)

Friday, July 1

After hauling my stuff up to NY (via Philly for Phish show #1), unloading, returning the UHaul, enduring a 3+ hour ordeal at the DMV to get an "in-transit" permit for the road trip chariot, enjoying some sushi with Mom & Dad / Aunt Carol & Uncle Larry, getting a decent night's sleep, and consuming the obligatory (and delicious) NY bagels and lox, we were finally ready to get on the road around 10:30am.

Our objective was to get to my good friend Erin Bowser's lake house a bit north of Columbus, OH.  Bowser surprised me last week by showing up to my DC going away party, and when we launched this plan Google Maps told us that it was 6 hrs 20 mins from my parents' place on Long Island to her house.  Somehow when Mei-Wah expressed skepticism about that and I went to confirm the night before we were to leave, the trip was now 9-10 hrs.  And, when Missy agreed to come on this trip she had only one firm condition: she didn't want to drive more than 4-5 hours each day--understandably she wanted to spend more time out of the car than in it.

So, I had the pleasure of launching our trip by readjusting Missy's expectations about our first day's drive.  She took it in stride, and we got on the road.

About 10.5 hrs later--through NY, PA, and part of OH--we arrived at Bowser's house on Charles Mill Lake in Lucas, Ohio.  Here I am with Bowser.

Missy, Bowser, and me on the porch overlooking the lake.

Bowser shares the place with her brother Richie.  They have a boat to fish out on the lake.  We had a great time staying up until 3:30 am (well I did) with Bowser, Richie, his gf Jen, and Bowser's high school friend Janine.  We were also surrounded by delightful kids and two, Aden (Janine's son) and Riley (Richie's daughter) stayed up late hanging out with us around the bonfire.

And, here's the toaster's first appearance.

Inexcusably we didn't get pics of the rest of our crew.  We were sorry we couldn't stay longer to go out on the boat and share more food, beer, and good times...but time is short and the road beckons...

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