Friday, October 28, 2016

Day 9: Gunnison to Moab

On Saturday, July 9th we woke up early to get another round of tennis in.  After that I spent the morning working on my brief, first at the hotel and then at the Gunnison County Public Library.

While I enjoyed the air conditioning, free wifi, and clean bathrooms, Missy explored town.  She hit the local thrift stores, consignment shops, went to the Gunnison farmer’s market and generally contributed to local Gunnison economy.

Missy had one request today: beach.  So, after grabbing lunch at a combination of Mocha, a pizza place, and organic food store (all in the same shopping complex), we headed to the Blue Mesa where Missy hit the beach and I continued my work over fried ice cream at Paddy's restaurant.

At about 5pm we got on the road to Moab.

Some pretty nice scenery on the way.

Moab is the city right outside of Arches National Park.  The reserved campsites are taken months in advance for the summer, so our plan was to get into the park super early in the morning and grab one of the first-come-first-serve slots.  So, when we arrived in Moab we headed to the grocery store to load up on camping food.

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