Saturday, March 9, 2019

Sabbatical 2019

This blog started as a travel blog to reflect and record my experiences backpacking through Latin America in 2007 after I graduated law school and before I started my next job helping to launch a new electoral organization to help elect progressive candidates.  For the full context, you can check out the first post, dated 2/27/07.

Since then I’ve updated it with pics and stories from my summer 2016 road trip across the U.S. with my cousin, and also used it as a place to post some of my Phish-related writing.  [See the Phans for Racial Equity website for more on what I’ve been up to on that front.]

Now, 12 years after my original trip. I’m grateful to have a three-month sabbatical from my work at Demos.  I’m doing some more traveling, so decided to revive this blog once again as a place to record my experiences.  My main audience is actually me in a few years—so I can go back and remember the places I saw, the people I met, the food I ate (especially); but I hope some others will appreciate these posts as well.

Although I’m just getting around to posting on 3/9 while on a layover in Seoul between Mexico City and Hanoi, my last day in the office was 2/8 and my travels begun on 2/19 when I left DC a day earlier than planned in order to avoid a pending snowstorm.  I flew to Atlanta that night to be sure to catch my flight to Cancun the next day to see Phish in the Mayan Riviera.