Monday, June 4, 2007

My Trip Home

From May 24 to June 5 I took a brief trip home to hit two major events--a surprise 60th birthday party for my mom and the first post-graduation retreat of the Social Change Network. Since I'm in the travel habit, I figured I might as well treat this week as just another part of my adventure and blog about it too.

Mom's Party

My wonderful mom Carol turned 60 on May 16th. My dad put forth a herculean effort to surprise her--including a whole diversion dinner on her birthday. As a result, she was totally shocked when we held a surprise party for her on Saturday night, May 26th at Stresa East on Long Island. She was especially shocked to see me in from Latin America and my brother who flew in from Detroit.

It was a great night, with most of my Mom's close family and best friends in attendence. No one could deserve it more than my mom, who is truly the best, most giving person I know. Here are some pics:

Day of Leisure

I needed to head to south Jersey for the SCN retreat, so I was able to catch up with some friends in Philly. Wednesday night I caught up with Dan and Teri.

Thursday, I fit in a "day of leisure" with my good friends Dave, Erin, and Annie. We did some good Philly eating (Moriarity's wings are the best for anyone in the area), hit a Camden Riversharks baseball game, and saw transvestite karaoke night at Bob and Barbara's, home of the $3 Papbst and Jim Beam "special."

Social Change Network Retreat

From Friday to Sunday, more than 20 members of the Yale Law '06 SCN got together to reflect, reconnect, and talk about how we can continue to work together to affect positive, progressive social change. It was an inspiring weekend, with everyone focused and excited to see each other.

Those who planned the retreat did a fantastic job with everything from the facilities to the programming.

There was good work done...

...and plenty of playing too.

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Unknown said...

Wonderful to see some of you. in such a good mood. I wish you the very best for Ecuador and can imagine how all that will have been an inspiring experience for you. But Europe feels as well it deserve your coming once in a while - beautiful landscape and a desperate need a true Democrates in France ! yours, julien