Friday, October 28, 2016

Day 10 Part 1: Arches National Park (Sun, 7/11/16)

We woke early and headed into the park.  Here was our morning view from the motel.

When we arrived inside the park we discovered there was a flaw in our plan: there are no first-come-first-served campsites in Arches during the summer.  The website was not exactly crystal clear on that.

Oh, well.  We didn't have any shade structure and so were a bit concerned about hanging out in the 100 degree heat all day after our morning hike anyway, so we adjusted our plan: now we would hike in the am and then get on the road to Zion in the afternoon.

So, on to our morning hike in Arches.  We drove 18 miles into the park to the Devil's Garden trailhead.  Here are our "before" photo and video.

The entrance to the hike.

More images from our hike below.  We were going to do a shorter 4 mile round trip hike, but when we finished the first leg we felt good and it wasn’t too hot (we had a nice breeze) so we did the longer loop around Primitive Trail, which is listed as "most difficult."  The hike was actually just moderately hard (although that may have been due to the nice breeze); the part we found most difficult was spotting the smallish stones that mark the trail on some of the big expanses of red rock.

And here's Landscape Arch.

Here is our "after" video.

Here are some pics from the way out of Arches after our hike.

Here are a couple of shots of "Balanced Rock."

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